Business traveling goes way back, probably even more than many of us imagine. While cities traded through strategic routes hundreds of years ago, business traveling and travelers changed drastically with the help of ever-growing technology. Today, the whole world is at your feet and even at the tightest schedules, the business trip doesn’t have to be all business. One of the best ways to experience a local culture is through food, and that combines perfectly with group dining, business meetings, and other occasions. Check out these 10 food cities that are perfect for business travelers that want to experience something authentic and local while getting things done at the same time.


Japanese cuisine encompassing the regional and traditional foods of Japan, which developed through centuries of political, economic, and social changes, today it results in Tokyo reigning supreme as the city with the most 3-starred Michelin restaurants on the planet!

Whether you are into a fast food or private dining, in Tokyo it’s hard to miss out on authentic local cuisine, which is not only diverse but keeps its traditions tight.

Craving for Ramen? Taste the famous soup like never before in restaurants like Ippudo Roppongi or Ichiran, while you can step back in time with award-winning places like Tokyo Shiba Tofuya Ukai that focuses on Tofu cuisine.

Tokyo is packed with elegant restaurants and world-class chefs that invite you to take this golden opportunity on your business trip and set yourself on an authentic cultural journey in Tokyo through something that we all love – a good quality food. Enjoy!

New York City

From Ashkenazi Jewish cuisine to Chino-Latino and Italian-American blends, it seems like New York City welcomed the whole world and never let it go, as its cuisine represents the city’s diversity in people and cultures. How about that spicy affair of Indian cuisine and exotic Jamaican infusions?

Every area in New York City, from Brooklyn to Manhattan and beyond, is exploding in a variety of restaurants, cuisines, and foods to taste. But as a business traveler, we might focus up to more elegant and classy experiences that will also bring food culture, history and premium taste to your table.

Amazing Italian seafood and unforgettable dinner sound like you? You might want to try out something like Marea, a Michellin-starred experience to get things done in a fashion. Meat lovers should check out places like Peter Luger Steakhouse while those who are searching for a drop of Mexican culture will find their home at beloved Doctors.

As you can see, it is a mission of a lifetime to explore all that NYC has to offer, but once here, the choice is all yours. Have the world in your hands while on a business trip to New York City.

Mexico City

When it comes to Mexico, nothing better than the capital city to represent its beloved cuisine with a history that dates back to ancient civilizations and times. Nearly 9000 years to be more specific. Are you ready?

Mexican cuisine is an important aspect of the culture, social structure and popular traditions of Mexico with its traditional cuisine inscribed in 2010 on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

Business trip to Mexico City? No worries here, you will find everything you want to try out with dishes and elements from every region, even in the most limited time among 15,000 restaurants.

Places like the suited up and historic El Cardenal or the elegant Pujol who was named the best restaurant in Mexico by Wall Street Journal will make sure your business meeting will include a strong touch of history, culture, and taste!

New Orleans

New Orleans is another great food city in the United States, especially because it has probably the most recognized regional cuisine in the country. Gathering influences from various cuisines with seafood playing a big part, New Orleans invented many dishes of its own such as iconic oysters Rockefeller, yummy po’boy and muffuletta sandwiches and many more!

Taste the colorful tastes of New Orleans and take your business lunch or dinner to a new level with sparkling and classy restaurants like The Grill Room, August or Cochon.


Typically a mix of Arabic, Berber, Andalusian and Mediterranean cuisines, the food in Marrakech will take you on a trip of its own. Salads here are bright and colorful with meats like chicken and lamb being used for formal meetings while 3.000km of coastline provides a range of seafood and exotic spices that deliver a final punch of flavoring.

With restaurants like Red House and Comptoi, you are bound to go local, authentic and classy, all at the same time with hundreds of different tastes.


Originating from ancient agricultural and nomadic traditions in Korea and southern Manchuria, Korean cuisine has evolved through a complex interaction of the natural environment and different cultural trends. And the modern megacity of Seoul has everything prepared to represent that and more during your business trip with foods that are cherished and regulated by Korean cultural etiquette.

With so much to try, from heart-warming soups and noodles to mouthwatering sushi’s, desserts and even its own fried chicken. Whether its local loved Myeongdong Kyoja or heritage restaurant like Jihwaha check out these eateries that keep it simple and takes it to the roots and traditions with local tasty cuisine.


The most visited city on the planet just happens to be one of the best food cities as well. A Thai cuisine is an art form focusing on details, texture, color with medicinal benefits, aromatic components and sometimes a spicy edge while appearance is just as important as taste and smell.

Spread into five regional cuisines, Bangkok stands on its own as one of them with Teochew and Portuguese influences.

Get into this intriguing affair during your business trip, as Bangkok boasts many high-end restaurants like Blue Elephant and Kuppa that will make sure you experience the best of Thai culture and tastes.


Italian cuisine is truly something that we all love and are familiar with, and Rome is a city where you can get the best out of it. The world’s beloved pizza, amazing seafood and hundreds of different pasta shapes with a variety of ingredients that are simply mind-blowing. And it all can be traced back to the times of antiquity.

Rome’s restaurants for business travelers like Pierluigi, La Terrazza or Fil are here to show that food is not just food, it’s a magical thing called love. Buon appetite!


Being bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, having well-developed fishing industry and still possessing influences from Mediterranean cuisine, the seafood is an absolute king in Portugal as the country consumes the most fish among European countries. A wide and beautiful variety of Portuguese cheeses, meat dishes and pastries are also big elements of its cuisine.

Spice up your business trip in Lisbon and eat like a local and explore the flavors in places such as Maria Pexeira or Topo-Belem, with seafood that is simply amazing.

La Havana

Last, but definitely not least on our list is the rhythmic and soulful capital of Cuba, the exotic La Havana. And its cuisine is just as exotic as the city and culture within it, as it blends Spanish, African and other Caribbean cuisines together with a small dash of Chinese and Italian influence here and there.

Havana is poised and strives for the culinary excellence, and restaurants like La Calesa Real, Hotel Parque Central, and La Foresta is here to deliver that unique blend to your table for one unforgettable business trip!


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